teresas family

Teresa learned about Emancipet while visiting her primary care doctor, and our next door neighbor, Dr. Jimenez. She was thrilled to find out about the free services available for her furry family members. And just how big is the furry side of the Lopez family? Well, after Teresa’s kids found a litter of Chihuahua mix puppies stuck in a drainage ditch in early November, the total number of pets reached eleven! “It’s expensive to get them all vaccinated and spayed/neutered. They (the puppies) were covered in fleas when we found them, and just getting that under control already cost us a lot. When we found out about the free services here we came right away.”

Jennifer and Cookie

As we all know, the apple doesn’t usually fall too far from the tree. Teresa’s daughter, Jennifer, is quite the animal lover, too. Her favorite dog is Cookie, a terrier mix. “There are a lot of strays in our neighborhood and I wish I could help them all. This one (Cookie) followed me home one day and now we are always together,” explains 14-year old Jennifer. “For my birthday, my best friend is paying for his neuter surgery, so he doesn’t make more puppies.”

Ahiti and Ashley

Jennifer’s friends, twins Ashley and Ahiti, were also in tow, but had different opinions on which of the puppies were their favorites, clinging tightly to a tan and white Chihuahua who was wiggling happily in Ashley’s arms.



Guillermina and Chihuahua puppies

“Now that we know you’re here, we’re bringing everyone in and telling friends. The prices make it affordable for us to keep rescuing dogs. We’re so grateful,” Teresa’s sister Guillermina added while two more of the Chihuahua puppies snoozed in her arms.