Don’t worry though – change is good and we’re genuinely pumped about this one!

Over the last several years, under the thoughtful leadership of Myles Chadwick, Emancipet New School has become a powerhouse of high-quality training for animal welfare professionals, veterinarians, volunteers, and board members alike. Now, as Myles shifts to a new role focused on further refining Emancipet’s clinic operations, Emancipet and Emancipet New School are excited to welcome B.J. Rogers as the new Vice President of Training and Organizational Development. B.J. is a longtime admirer of Emancipet and ENS, and our efforts to bring our approach to social change, leadership, and providing affordable and accessible veterinary care to all pet owners . In his new position, he will oversee all aspects of Emancipet New School as well as Emancipet’s internal training and development needs.

B.J. is joining our team with more than 12 years in animal welfare under his belt, including 5 years as a shelter chief executive and nearly 7 years at the ASPCA. In addition, he is a CAWA (Certified Animal Welfare Administrator) and holds a certification in teaching Dialogue Education – an intentional and collaborative approach to adult learning. This last May, he completed an Executive Ed Certificate in public leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School.

In his own words:

As I see it, the deep dedication that Emancipet has to animal welfare as human service and social change work makes this organization a force in our field as we continue to explore how to best serve pets and their people in ways that truly meet their needs, improve welfare, and increase positive impact.

This team has an unwavering commitment to the powerful bond between people and their pets and believes without question that, given the opportunity and the tools, people want to and will do, what’s best for the animals that enrich their lives.

The truth? I feel incredibly lucky. The chance to work for a great organization, with a fun and talented team, doing work that I both care about and believe makes a difference is something I wish for everyone in their work and their lives.

Hope to see you all at a seminar or conference sooner than later!

Like we said*, the times they are a changin’!

*Yes, we know Bob Dylan said it first.


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