By B.J. Rogers

This month we’re swapping out our blog with a vlog (a video blog). . .which is, if possible, an even worse word than blog. Alas, we digress. Enjoy this bit on the foundations of Adaptive Leadership. We’ve included a bonus glossary below – sort of a “bullet-blog,” if you will.

Adaptive Leadership Glossary

Leadership – the practice of creating and holding the space necessary for people to do the work and learning they need to do to make progress on a challenge

Authority – an arrangement between two or more parties in which someone (a person, organization, institution, etc.) is given power and trust in exchange for some sort of service (often in the interest of order, direction, protection, or control)

Disequilibrium – a state of unease or discomfort that sometimes comes about as a result of the challenges presented by attempting to process new information, concepts, or skills; when well-managed, a highly-productive state where growth and learning take place

Threshold of Learning – a demarcation between the familiar/known and one’s capacity to learn; the point at which one experiences just enough disequilibrium that the only way forward is to learn something new

Limit of Tolerance – a demarcation between one’s capacity to learn and having one’s fight/flight/freeze response triggered such that the primary concern becomes survival (most often figurative but occasionally literal) and learning is no longer possible

Zone of Productive Learning/Work – the carefully constructed and held space between a person or a group of people’s threshold of learning and limit of tolerance in which learning, work, and progress can be done/made in the interest of achieving a better reality


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