Emancipet Gets UPLIFT Standing Desks

Some of us Were Sitting a Little Too Much

The Emancipet crew is a busy and bustling bunch. Our clinic teams of managers, technicians, and veterinarians are on their feet all day long. From greeting clients, caring for patients, and keeping the mission of making veterinary care affordable and accessible to all pet owners very much alive and well each and every day, this team is standing a lot.

In contrast, tucked away in an office building in North Austin, there’s another bunch of Emanci-staff that spend more of their time sitting at desks in front of computers. This is our Midtown Commons team.

They are responsible for everything from scheduling client appointments to planning events and raising much-needed funds. They show up each and every day with no less passion or dedication to the mission of our organization, but their version of busy is more about keeping the trains on time and engines well-fueled. Bottom line, they end up sitting… a lot. That’s why our Midtown Commons team was so excited when our pals at Austin’s own UPLIFT offered up an extraordinary donation.

UPLIFT Standing Desk Technology to The Rescue

With a mantra like “Work Better. Live Healthier.”, UPLIFT has spent more than a decade designing and developing top-notch standing desk technology.

According to UPLIFT, “By simply standing 15 minutes every hour, you’ll start to feel the benefits of a sit-stand lifestyle… More energy, increased productivity, and less risk of developing a host of health problems are just a few of the things you have to look forward to when you take a stand against sitting.”

A $40,000 UPLIFT Donation Makes a Big Impact

So when UPLIFT offered to outfit our Midtown Commons team (the whole team!) with desks, a resounding cheer made its way across the office. While we work hard to provide the most compassionate, inclusive, and affordable care to the pets and people in our community, we couldn’t be more grateful to our friends at UPLIFT for extending some of that same care to our team.

So, a GIANT shout out to the folks at UPLIFT. Their donation to Emancipet – with a mind-blowing value of nearly $40,000! – will make the work of our team better and the lives of our team healthier. We’re feeling pretty lifted up over here and empowered to continue giving our clients and their pets the care they need.

Check out all of the nifty desks, chairs, and stools UPLIFT has to offer at!