Thanksgiving tips for your pet from a vet

How to keep your pet safe this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner with 46 million meals being shared all around the country. With the average dinner taking 5+ hours to cook, visiting family and friends, and the drowsiness that inevitably ensues… it’s easy to forget that table scraps and turkey bones can make our furry friends sick. So we’ve asked our vets to put a few tips together to help you keep your pets safe, included, and happy this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Tips from Emancipet Vets

1. Certain Foods can be Poisonous to Pets

Chocolate, artificial sweeteners found in sugar-free baked goods, raw dough/eggs (if you’re making a cake/bread), garlic, onions, grapes, raisins and turkey skin to name a few. Fatty foods like gravy, turkey skin and nuts, aren’t poisonous, but they’re really hard to digest. Our vets recommend: It’s best to stick to their regular diet!

2. Skip the Bones

Dogs and cats love bones. But bones – especially poultry (chicken/turkey) bones – have been known to splinter and break in the esophagus or intestines after they’re eaten. And that can lead to an emergency room visit or an expensive surgery. Our vets recommend: if you want to spoil your furry friends give them extra of the dog/cat treats they already love!

3. Clear the Trash as You go

In the madness of preparing your feast, you may forget to clear the counter. Or maybe after you eat dinner, and the drowsiness sets in, you forget to clear the turkey off the table. You know who won’t forget? Your pets! Our vets recommend: clear the table/counters as you go and take the trash out pronto.

4. Don’t Forget Them Outside

Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Holly Putnam, says that pets are just as susceptible to the effects of windchill and cold temps as we are. Sometimes, with a full house, it can be easiest to put your pets outside for awhile – just don’t forget them there! Our vets recommend: Remember, if it’s cold to you, it’s cold to them!

5. Know Your Emergency Vet Options

A lot of vet clinics are closed for Thanksgiving and the day after. If something does happen, that can be a bit of a problem. Our vets recommend: Have a 24-hour emergency vet’s number on hand just in case. Many clinics even have magnets  you can stick on your fridge for easy access

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your pets!

We hope this article has given you some helpful tips for a safe Thanksgiving with your pets. Even in the bustle of a busy holiday, you can always make them feel extra special – all of that attention and extra pet treats are just what they want anyway! Share this information with your friends and family and help keep pets happy and healthy over the holidays (and always!) . Happy Thanksgiving from all of us to you and all of yours (two and four-legged alike!)!