With 387 entries and 68,878 votes, it was a tight race but it’s time to reveal our winners! Drum roll please…

Grand Prize Winner

Ziggy Frida

Congratulations to overall winner, Ziggy Frida with a whopping 19,580 votes! You’ll be taking home the grand prize and unlimited bragging rights! Ziggy Frida is a spicy little girl who loves soccer and playing with water bottles. A sweet and energetic pup, she adores other dogs and everyone she meets. Congratulations Ziggy! We hope you get all the belly rubs your heart desires! 

You’ll also see Ziggy’s adorable face featured on our new tote bag design! Stay tuned for more info.

Hottest Dog


Our overall runner up with 19,148 votes and taking the title of Hot Dog Summer, it’s Napoleon! Napoleon is a lovable loaf that loves sunbathing under the bright, warm sun. He was adopted from the rescue Forgotten Friends. It was love at first sight! He lives in a household that chills and watches lots of TV with him. Emancipet always gives him scratches (and loving care) when he visits our clinic. It was a tight race for grand prize, and he gave it his all! Your prize pack is on the way – congratulations Napoleon!

Coolest Cat


Our cat category winner, with 5,526 votes – it’s Lenore! A surprise winner, Lenore is the Emancipet East resident cat who is being cared for by our clinic staff. Found outside the East Austin clinic, Lenore was hard at work catching mice in the field around the clinic when she began to make friends with the staff. When temperatures started to drop, our team let her into the clinic and well…she hasn’t left. You can find her sunbathing and doing snack inventory at all hours of the day. While she was an unexpected winner of her category (thanks to thousands of your votes!), the best prize Lenore could hope for is a forever home. Please reach out to East Austin manager Robert Fernandez at robert.fernandez@emancipet2023.wpengine.com if you’re interested in adopting sweet Lenore. 

Dopest Doppelgänger

Henry as Burt Reynolds

Besides being a dead ringer for 1980’s Burt Reynolds, Henry is a quiet yet charismatic beagle with stubbornly strong feelings about everything — especially the direction he wants to walk in. His family wanted to adopt an older dog and fell in love with this middle-aged nap champion. Today, he loves sniffing around the neighbors’ trash cans, greeting cats, and adventuring to new places with his humans. He’s never visited Emancipet but has benefited from free and low-cost veterinary care during his time with rescue organizations and he hopes many other pups will too. 

Congratulations to our winners!

All of our winners will have more time in the spotlight this summer – from featured faces on our new tote bags to featured stories in our newsletters (Sign up here!). Stay tuned for more exciting updates and thank you for entering, voting, and cheering them along! It’s been a blast!