Like many of our clients who have trusted their local Emancipet clinic for generations of pets, Sophia first came to Emancipet 13 years ago with her first dog. We’ve been a part of her family ever since, providing annual exams, vaccinations, and preventive medication for her dogs. Sophia recently welcomed a new pup into her home, Snoopy. Our team was so excited to meet the newest member of the family when she brought her in to get spayed at our Levander Loop clinic.

“Thirteen years ago, Emancipet was [all] about doing the mobile truck. At the time, I didn’t have a lot of resources so that’s when I started reaching out to Emancipet,” said Sophia.

We are so close to celebrating our 500,000th spay/neuter surgery. Making a meaningful gift today will help us achieve this big milestone even sooner! Spay/neuter is a vital procedure for long-term health and everyone deserves to have the opportunity to offer that to their pet.

“Snoopy brings a lot of love into the house,” Sophia said. “Her love, her little kisses change everything for me and it keeps me grounded [and reminds me] to be grateful for the little things.”

With you by our side, pet families like Snoopy and Sophia will enjoy a longer, happier, and healthier life together.

“Thank you so much for your services here in the community. It has made an impact in my family, not just my finances. Now I have the ability to take care of my pets the way that they deserve,” said Sophia.

Everyone wants the best for their pets, but with the cost of vet care rising, millions of families are struggling to find care they can afford. We want to be there for them. You can make that possible. It’s easy to help. Contribute right now and help pets like Snoopy.