Every day in our clinics, we witness heart-lifting stories of the bond between families and their pets. From sweet senior dogs who have been there through thick and thin, to goofy little kittens who make an entire family laugh together. One story that filled our hearts today came from a client named Dallas, her daughter, and their new pup, Freyja.

Two years after the passing of her 10 year old pitbull, Kilo, Dallas was finally ready to open her heart to another dog. Scrolling on Facebook one day, Dallas came across a post which shared that a family urgently needed to rehome their pup, Freyja. 

“I put it out into the universe that I was ready for a puppy, and right then I saw a picture of Freyja,” Dallas shared. 

At just three months old, Freyja needed a home right away. Dallas got in touch and a few short days later, Freyja was hers.

“I feel like Kilo brought Freyja to me,” Dallas shared. But bringing Freyja home was just the beginning. 

She needed a lot of veterinary care. This wasn’t Dallas’s first dog. She knew that Freyja would need puppy vaccines, heartworm prevention, a microchip, flea medication, and to be spayed. But a lot had changed since 12 years ago, when Kilo was a puppy. The cost of veterinary care has risen so much in the past few years, it was adding up way faster than expected. 

“Everybody has their heart in the right place and wants the best for their pets,” she shared. “But for a lot of people right now, it’s really difficult to afford everything a pet needs.” 

After being quoted over $500 just for Freyja’s spay surgery – far more than she had planned – Dallas’s surprise and concern grew. She and her daughter had waited so long for another dog, but now she feared: was bringing this puppy home a mistake? So, she reached out to Emancipet for advice on more affordable vet care. And we’re so glad she did. 

Dr. Daly performed Freyja’s spay surgery and microchipping at our nonprofit clinic. And because your donations cover a portion of every service we offer, Dallas’s final bill for both procedures was only $120.  

Over the next few weeks, Dallas and her daughter will watch over Freyja as she recuperates. For years, the holidays brought such mixed feelings with the loss of Kilo. But this December, they are finally feeling the joy of having a pet again – and relief knowing their pup will always have access to care at Emancipet.

“I’m so thankful for the service that you provide the community. Having a low-cost option when you need it is really meaningful to us.”

We’re so happy that we could be a part of their story, and hundreds more like it every day. Thank you for making our free and low-cost services possible. 

No one should ever have to worry about caring for their pet because of the high cost of veterinary care. With your support, they won’t. 

P.S. We are SO close to reaching 500,000 neuter and spay surgeries! Each gift of $38 supports the cost of one spay and with our $30,000 match happening through the end of 2022, you can support two surgeries for the price of one!

Emancipet Nonprofit Vet Clinics - Freyja in car