How one dog returned home after being missing for 3 months, all thanks to an Emancipet microchip.

If you’ve ever – even for a second – thought your pet was missing, you know that feeling of panic. And you can also imagine the joy and relief Tommy felt when he got the call he had long given up on. Someone had found his family’s three-year-old dachshund, Pulga. 

Pulga disappeared from the family’s yard months ago. They searched, posted flyers, and reached out. But eventually, they gave up hope of ever finding her. 

Then, cold and scared, over 20 miles away from home, Pulga was found by someone who brought her to the Police Department.

Thankfully, when she was a puppy, Tommy brought her to an Emancipet Nonprofit Veterinary Clinic where a tiny microchip was placed under the skin in her puppy scruff. That chip helped the Police Department reunite Pulga with her family.

Because of Tommy’s decision to get Pulga chipped, the call that he thought would never happen… did.
Watch the short video above to hear the story of Pulga’s return from her family!

While it was incredibly lucky that Pulga found kind people to help her, we know it takes more than luck to reunite lost pets with their people. 

Everyone who worked to bring Pulga home – from our veterinarian who placed the chip, to the good Samaritan who brought her in, to the Police Department who knew what to look for – helped save her life. 

You can make sure your pet returns home if they ever get lost by getting a microchip at your local Emancipet today. Click here to find the clinic nearest you!

Still have questions about microchipping? We have answers! Check out our Guide to Pet Microchips!

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