Crisis Recovery Unit

Emancipet Crisis Recovery Unit

Who We Are

In the summer of 2019, Emancipet set a bold goal: By 2028, everyone in the U.S. will have access to veterinary care that they can afford. One of the ways we are working to achieve that goal is through Emancipet’s Crisis Recovery Unit (CRU), our volunteer team of veterinary professionals that provides medical care to pets – free of charge to their owners – in communities affected by natural disasters and other crises. And guess what? You can apply to join our CRU team.

When Disaster Strikes, CRU Steps Up

When disaster strikes, the bonds between people and their pets are tested by the loss of housing, work, financial security, and even loved ones. Emancipet CRU was created to ensure pet owners have access to trusted, stress-free, and zero-cost medical care in those difficult times.

The trying weeks and months following a disaster or other crisis are a time of high-risk when people are often forced to give up their pets. The hardships that almost always accompany a crisis disproportionately impact people living on lower incomes and the risk of having to give up a pet is especially high for families who were struggling before the crisis hit. Emancipet CRU exists not only to keep pets healthy, but to keep them with their families at a time when the love and comfort they provide is needed more than ever.

Emancipet CRU also serves as a partner to national and local organizations, deploying at their request and with their support, to provide veterinary services for the rescued or seized animals in their care.

Previous CRU Deployments

Emancipet has already participated in several crisis recovery deployments, including:

  • Following Hurricane Harvey, Emancipet provided free veterinary care (from triage to preventive care and treatments) for pets of Houstonians impacted by the hurricane. Over a period of 3 months in 2017, we performed 988 free spay/neuter surgeries, treated 183 pets for heartworms, and provided preventative care to 6,461 pets – nearly $900,000 of services (at Emancipet’s low prices) provided at no charge to pet owners.
  • Since Hurricane Maria, Emancipet continues to deploy to Puerto Rico several times each year to perform spay/neuter surgeries and administer vaccines to pets across the island – all at no charge to their owners. Through a partnership with The Humane Society of the United States’ Spayathon For Puerto Rico, CRU has served 6,441 pets to date. Six additional deployments are scheduled through 2021.
  • In June of 2019, Emancipet provided two weeks of emergency and supportive veterinary care for nearly 200 cats rescued from a hoarding situation in rural Texas by the Humane Society of the United States.