Austin Dental and Surgical Center’s First Rodeo

Rodeo and Dustin

When we opened the new Austin Dental and Surgical Center, we knew that dental and surgical procedures are in high demand and very few low-cost options exist for these services, which creates extremely difficult situations for pet owners. Thankfully, this clinic is projected to treat over 7,000 pets each year — making a small dent in the greater need for services but a huge difference for pet owners like Dustin.

A Life-Saving Journey: Kitty’s Pyometra Story

In the world of veterinary care, every day brings new challenges and triumphs. At Emancipet, one such triumph unfolded in the form of Kitty’s life-saving journey at our Philadelphia Adams Avenue Clinic. Kerri, Kitty’s human, shared her experience, highlighting the exceptional care and compassion that defined Kitty’s treatment at Emancipet. 

Honoree Highlight: Impact Austin

Impact Austin presents Emancipet with its first grant in 2006

Impact Austin gave Emancipet its first grant ever back in 2006. This was our first significant grant from an Austin funder, and it was transformative in so many ways. It was a moment of going from grassroots to starting to see a future as a professional veterinary provider.