Sé parte de los Amigos de Emancipet

Emancipet Amigos

Emancipet’s mission is to offer high-quality sterilization and castration services at affordable prices. The Friends of Emancipet program mobilizes and prepares church, neighborhood, pet ownership, and organizer leaders raising awareness of Emancipet’s low-cost clinic in the Houston area.

Acquire Knowledge

Attend our trainings and learn how to get the participation of your community. Discuss concepts of animal welfare including how to care for your pet, how to keep it healthy, and how to organize home meetings for emerging leaders. Become an animal advocate and share your knowledge with the community.

Be an Advocate

After the training, you are asked to organize a home-based meeting related to what you learned. Such meetings can be held in homes, churches, community centers or any other place where your friends, family and neighbors feel comfortable discussing animal welfare concepts. Friends will also help families and their pets become healthier by sharing references to the Emancipet clinic.

Form part of the movement

By dedicating 5 to 10 hours a month, you will be a leader in your community.

  • After attending 3 trainings and facilitating 5 meetings, you will receive certi cation as Emancipet’s Friend / Ambassador.
  • By facilitating the meetings you will receive a $ 25 gift card and by referring new customers to Emancipet you will receive prizes.
  • You will receive an invitation to the Friends of Emancipet Recognition Luncheon

All training sessions are bilingual (English-Spanish). Free food and drink will be served. Childcare will be available upon request in advance.

Sign up today! Contact Stephanie Silver at [email protected] or at 713-409-2599 to register for our workshops or to learn more about the Friends of Emancipet .