Lunch-In Watch Party

Welcome to #LunchWithEmancipet

You’re joining a movement to celebrate our pets, the special bond we have with them and the 20 years of service that, with your help, Emancipet’s nonprofit veterinary clinics have been able to provide!

C.J. & Family

Cori & Althea

Amy & Fury

Thank you for celebrating the magic of pets with us.

Pets are FAMILY. It’s amazing how much comfort and joy they bring to our lives, and how their companionship has been even more important for many of us during these challenging times.

We’re on a mission to make veterinary care affordable & accessible for everyone. 

There are some 53 million dogs and cats in households that can’t afford vet care at least some of the time. Emancipet is on a mission to make sure that people can get their pets the care they need at prices they can afford.

It takes a village…

Your donations during the Lunch-In will keep Emancipet’s essential services accessible to pet owners in need of affordable care, especially as more people struggle to make ends meet.

Your generous support helps…

The thousands of pets and their people that need us now, and the 150+ Emancipet staff who serve them.

Jason & Buffy

Killeen, TX

Dr. David & Casper

Philadelphia, PA

Dayanara, Kaloo, Maria & Luna

Houston, TX

We believe that people love their pets and will do what’s right for them when given the chance. 

The love of a pet in one’s life shouldn’t come down to the cost of vet care or be a privilege of those able to pay average private practice prices.

Vet care should be more affordable — and with your help, we’re making that happen.

Thank you for joining us!

We hope you’ll stay involved with our mission. Please take care of yourselves and your pets during this difficult time.

💙 Much love, Emancipet