Meet our 500,000th Spay Patient: Havana Coco

Emancipet Nonprofit Pet Clinics - 500,000 Spay/Neuter Havana Coco

In 1999, Emancipet Nonprofit Vet Clinics began as a mobile spay and neuter clinic in Austin, TX. We knew that veterinary care was out of reach for so many families. So we set out on a mission to make veterinary care affordable and accessible for everyone.  Now we manage an expanding national network of 10 […]

Meet our 495,959th Spay Patient: Paquita

Emancipet Vet Clinics - Karen and Paquita

Already a loving cat mom, Karen wasn’t expecting to adopt a dog. But when her cousin needed urgent help to find homes for several puppies, Karen stepped up. She brought one of the little pups home and named her Paquita.

Meet our 499,033rd Neuter Patient: Bubbles

Image of Client Ricardo with Pet Dog Bubbles

Bubbles was an accidental puppy. His mother’s owners did not plan to have puppies, so when the surprise litter arrived, they reached out to their online community to find homes for Bubbles and his brothers and sisters. Thankfully, the little five-month-old pitbull from San Antonio found his forever family with Ricardo.