Our Commitment to Research

There is a national gap in access to veterinary care that leaves almost 60 million pets without access to the medical care they need. Closing the gap will take a strong field of organizations and individuals working together over many years. Because the Access to Veterinary Care field has recently emerged, there is not yet a strong base of credible research to help practitioners and policy makers implement proven strategies to close the gap.

Emancipet is helping to change that. Research plays a vital role in building a strong field, and Emancipet began a formal research initiative in 2019. Our goal is to help build the evidence base for the Access to Veterinary Care field, while improving practice within our own network of clinics and for others in the field.

Research at Emancipet

In our research, we use a variety of methods which include: qualitative, quantitative, formative evaluations, and impact evaluations.

We are committed to conducting research that is both equitable and rigorous, adhering to the highest standards of research practices. At the core of our research philosophy are principles such as mutual respect among collaborators and participants; a strong commitment to confidentiality, privacy, and safety in research practices; and a dedication to social justice.

Meghan Still, Ph.D.

Director of Research, Data & Analytics

Calvin Hall, Ph.D.

Senior Research Analyst


If you are interested in collaborating, please reach out! We are eager to establish new connections and foster collaborations that will enable us to make veterinary care accessible to everyone.

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October 18, 2023

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