Emancipet New School

Specialized Training for Animal Welfare Professionals

Emancipet New School is a training program that offers seminars, consulting, resources, and support to animal welfare professionals. Since 2013, we have been designing curriculums that approach systemic issues differently and push beyond typical measures of success towards stronger, community-focused solutions. Our goal is to help other organizations improve the effectiveness and sustainability of their programs and empower animal welfare professionals to better serve the people and pets most in need in their communities.

Training Experiences

We believe that each of us is never quite done building our skill set and that learning never ends. Whether you attend a two-day seminar, a webinar, or engage us for a long-term consulting project, we want to equip you with a new set of tools that will help you make positive transformations for yourself, your organization, and ultimately the communities that you serve.

Emancipet’s training team offers an array of training and support services to help individuals and organizations:

  • Boost clinic efficiency and impact
  • Develop leaders, staff, and culture
  • Improve customer service
  • Strengthen organizational infrastructure
  • Design social change strategies


If you’re seeking training to start your own spay/neuter clinic our partners at Humane Alliance/ASPCA may be able to help.

Seminar Series

Dive into some of the hottest topics in animal welfare with our one- and two-day seminars.

Customized Consulting

Help facilitate positive transformations in your organization.

Private Trainings

Invite your staff for hands-on training at your location, or bring your team to our Austin, TX facility.

Speaking Engagements

Enlist one of our experienced speakers for your conference or workshop.

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