Meet our 499,033rd Neuter Patient: Bubbles

Image of Client Ricardo with Pet Dog Bubbles

Bubbles was an accidental puppy. His mother’s owners did not plan to have puppies, so when the surprise litter arrived, they reached out to their online community to find homes for Bubbles and his brothers and sisters. Thankfully, the little five-month-old pitbull from San Antonio found his forever family with Ricardo.

Meet our 497,325th Spay Patient: Freyja

Emancipet Nonprofit Vet Clinics - Dallas and Freyja

Two years after the passing of her 10 year old pitbull, Kilo, Dallas was finally ready to open her heart to another dog. Scrolling on Facebook one day, Dallas came across a post which shared that a family urgently needed to rehome their pup, Freyja. 

Peaches’ Emergency Surgery

Your Gift Can Save Lives - Client with their cat Peaches

Samantha noticed Peaches was uncomfortable and not feeling well. She brought her to a local veterinarian and got a devastating diagnosis – an advanced case of pyometra, a serious, life-threatening infection that can only be treated with emergency surgery.

Meet our 491,901st Spay Patient: Snoopy

Sophia and Snoopy - Emancipet Client and Patient Photo

Like many of our clients who have trusted their local Emancipet clinic for generations of pets, Sophia first came to Emancipet 13 years ago with her first dog. We’ve been a part of her family ever since, providing annual exams, vaccinations, and preventive medication for her dogs. Sophia recently welcomed a new pup into her home, Snoopy. Our team was so excited to meet the newest member of the family when she brought her in to get spayed at our Levander Loop clinic.

Meet the Winners of Our 2022 Summer Photo Contest

Emancipet Nonprofit Vet Clinics - Summer Photo Contest winners

With 387 entries and 68,878 votes, it was a tight race but it’s time to reveal our winners! Drum roll please… Grand Prize Winner Ziggy Frida Congratulations to overall winner, Ziggy Frida with a whopping 19,580 votes! You’ll be taking home the grand prize and unlimited bragging rights! Ziggy Frida is a spicy little girl […]