Stella’s Heartworm Journey

Stella and her family

At Emancipet, we know a positive heartworm diagnosis is difficult for families and their pets. But with our low-cost, effective treatment, we’re here for you. In partnership with Austin Animal Center, we treat heartworm on many adoptable dogs including Stella.

Meet Our 2 Millionth Visitor

Tuxedo cat in e-collar

On February 13, 2024, after 25 years of service, Emancipet hit a significant milestone – 2 million client visits!

Meet our 495,959th Spay Patient: Paquita

Emancipet Vet Clinics - Karen and Paquita

Already a loving cat mom, Karen wasn’t expecting to adopt a dog. But when her cousin needed urgent help to find homes for several puppies, Karen stepped up. She brought one of the little pups home and named her Paquita.