Meet our 495,959th Spay Patient: Paquita

Emancipet Vet Clinics - Karen and Paquita

Already a loving cat mom, Karen wasn’t expecting to adopt a dog. But when her cousin needed urgent help to find homes for several puppies, Karen stepped up. She brought one of the little pups home and named her Paquita.

Meet our 497,325th Spay Patient: Freyja

Emancipet Nonprofit Vet Clinics - Dallas and Freyja

Two years after the passing of her 10 year old pitbull, Kilo, Dallas was finally ready to open her heart to another dog. Scrolling on Facebook one day, Dallas came across a post which shared that a family urgently needed to rehome their pup, Freyja. 

Peaches’ Emergency Surgery

Your Gift Can Save Lives - Client with their cat Peaches

Samantha noticed Peaches was uncomfortable and not feeling well. She brought her to a local veterinarian and got a devastating diagnosis – an advanced case of pyometra, a serious, life-threatening infection that can only be treated with emergency surgery.

Meet our 491,901st Spay Patient: Snoopy

Sophia and Snoopy - Emancipet Client and Patient Photo

Like many of our clients who have trusted their local Emancipet clinic for generations of pets, Sophia first came to Emancipet 13 years ago with her first dog. We’ve been a part of her family ever since, providing annual exams, vaccinations, and preventive medication for her dogs. Sophia recently welcomed a new pup into her home, Snoopy. Our team was so excited to meet the newest member of the family when she brought her in to get spayed at our Levander Loop clinic.

10 Things All Kids Should Know Before Handling Pets

Physically handling pets can be a delicate process, whether they’re small and fragile or big and friendly. All pets deserve respect and personal space. Improper handling can lead pets who are otherwise obedient to display signs of aggression and stress, including growling/hissing, scratching, or even biting. Children often struggle with understanding boundaries with animals, which […]