Honoree Highlight: Impact Austin

Impact Austin presents Emancipet with its first grant in 2006

Impact Austin gave Emancipet its first grant ever back in 2006. This was our first significant grant from an Austin funder, and it was transformative in so many ways. It was a moment of going from grassroots to starting to see a future as a professional veterinary provider.

A New Beginning for Milo

Image of Milo with Emancipet technician

At Emancipet, we often witness the resilience of pets thanks to the love and compassion of their people. Milo’s story is no different.

It began when Linda, a compassionate soul with a love for animals, discovered a scruffy little dog in her driveway.

Stella’s Heartworm Journey

Stella and her family

At Emancipet, we know a positive heartworm diagnosis is difficult for families and their pets. But with our low-cost, effective treatment, we’re here for you. In partnership with Austin Animal Center, we treat heartworm on many adoptable dogs including Stella.