Anal Gland Expression for Dogs

Who’s it for?

Any dog showing the following signs: scooting the anus across the floor, licking, chewing, or biting at the anus, and/or quickly looking back toward the anus as if agitated.

How much does it cost?


Why should I do it & what does it do?

Anal glands are two small sacs, one on either side of an animal’s rectum. While most pets empty (or express) their anal glands in the normal course of their bowel movements, some pets don’t and can suffer from their anal glands becoming infected or impacted (plugged), which is often irritating or painful.

Expression of a pet’s anal glands is a process where a vet or technician will squeeze the gland to release the built up fluid and prevent infection and discomfort.

Available at all clinic locations; only available if deemed medically necessary at Roosevelt Boulevard and Northwest Freeway locations.

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