Neuter (Male) Surgery for Dogs

Who’s it for?

All male dogs.

How much does it cost?


Why should I do it & what does it do?

Healthy dogs and cats can be neutered as young as 3 months, if they are over 3 pounds in body weight.

Neutering eliminates the possibility of testicular cancer and greatly reduces the chance of prostate disease, two extremely common and serious problems of older male dogs. Neutering can also reduce the risk of perianal tumors and perineal hernias. If a dog is neutered before it reaches puberty, some unwanted behaviors may be prevented such as urine marking, aggression and sexual behaviors. Most dogs reach puberty around 8 months of age. For males cats, neutering can help prevent unwanted behaviors such as roaming, fighting, and urine marking.

Please Note
Emancipet veterinarians are highly skilled clinicians and surgeons. However, we do want to make sure you’re well aware of any risk that applies to your pet. If your pet’s procedure is considered high risk, you will be asked to sign a form acknowledging the elevated risk. If you have any questions, please ask our clinic staff when you check your pet in for their appointment.

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