Dental Cleaning

Does my pet need a “dental”?

Dental care for dogs and cats is an important part of keeping them healthy. The major difference between pets and people is that pets need to be under general anesthesia for us to do a complete oral exam, cleaning and take x-rays of the teeth (an important step to see what is happening below the surface of the teeth).

Routine dentals include a complete dental cleaning, polishing and x-rays of the teeth. These are preventative and are recommended for small dogs and cats starting at 1 year of age and 2 years of age for larger dogs. Your pet’s genetics, home dental health routine, and lifestyle contribute to how often they need to see the dentist for preventative care. Most veterinarians recommend preventative dentals annually.

Advanced dentals include a complete dental cleaning, polishing, x-rays of the teeth and removal of unhealthy teeth. These are recommended for any pet determined to have dental disease by their veterinarian and pets 7 years and older. Your pet may give you a clue that they have dental disease if you notice a bad odor coming from their mouth, see discolored or broken teeth, or notice them having difficulty eating.

How much does it cost?

$225 for routine; $425 for advanced

*a small percentage of dental procedures will not be able to be completed in one visit. In these cases, a second scheduled visit will be necessary to complete the recommended extractions (removal or dead/broken teeth). The second visit will be scheduled as an advanced dental procedure.

How can I get a dental procedure for my pet at Emancipet?

The first step is to have a quick, awake, oral exam performed by one of our doctors at a walk-in Healthy Pet Services visit (at any location open for Healthy Pet Services). Based on the Emancipet doctor’s evaluation, we will recommend your pet be scheduled for a routine or advanced dental procedure. Please note, this evaluation must be performed by Emancipet, exam by an outside veterinarian will not be accepted.

The second step will be to call 512-587-7729 to schedule your pet’s dental appointment at our Austin Dental and Surgical Center. (Dental evaluations are currently paused. Please check back for updates as we work to increase our capacity.) We do not currently perform dentistry at our clinics in Killeen, Houston, or Philadelphia.

Please Note

Emancipet veterinarians are highly skilled clinicians and surgeons. However, there are some patients that we recommend have their dental procedures done by full-service veterinarians. These patients include patients with history of liver disease, kidney disease, seizures, and advanced heart disease as well as patients with severe dental conditions (cleft palates, oro-nasal fistulas, oral masses etc.). If your pet has a condition that increases their risk of anesthesia (for example a brachycephalic breed like french bull dogs and pugs) you will be asked to sign a form acknowledging the elevated risk. If you have any questions, please ask our clinic staff when you check your pet in for their appointment.

This service is available at the following locations:


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