Maria, JP & Alfie
Emancipet Client Since:

When we got Alfie from a farm south of Austin, he was 8 weeks old, quite adorable and 5 lbs of sweetness with big floppy ears. To our surprise, he was also quite sick, which was apparent by the following day. He had a severe diarrhea that progressed to frank blood and we took Alfie to a vet, worried for his life. After an expensive visit to the vet, our puppy “fund” had drastically dropped but we were happy his diarrhea resolved and his appetite returned; since his full recovery, we were thankful for Emancipet’s services (neuter, vaccinations, name tags, and meds) that helps us to maximize Alfie’s preventative medical care at an affordable price. He’s now a 45 lb, 10 months old pup full of energy, brimming over with love and life, who makes our home a furry warm place to live. Thank you, Emancipet!