Is your feline looking frumpy? Has your dog overindulged? Try these tips to get your pet feeling healthy and slender again!

  1. Fuel up!
    Feed your pet a high-quality food. Do your own research and don’t be afraid to consult an expert at one of our local food retailers.
  2. Too much?
    Are you overfeeding your pet? Many of us do. Stick with suggested portions on labels. And keep in mind that better food typically means less food.
  3. Try new treats.
    We think our pet loves his high calorie, high fat treats- but he might just love the ritual around getting it! Substitute fresh veggies like peas and green beans for commercial treats- just check with your vet first to make sure your choices are non-toxic to pets.
  4. Say Namaste today.
    Sign up for a Doga class. Just do it. Oh, the fun you’ll have- doing a downward dog…WITH your dog!
  5. Keep it classy.
    Try something new! Sign up for a basic agility class, a freestyle dance lesson, a pet-friendly workout session in the park.
  6. Will work for food.
    Pets actually love a challenge. Try food puzzles or simply toss pieces of kibble for your pet to chase and gather. Fun, stimulating, and confidence building!
  7. Schedule Play Time
    Make play a priority by building it into your daily activities.
  8. Put me down!
    It’s hard not to carry cute small dogs and cats, but you’ll be doing them a favor by encouraging walking and stretching. And, you’ll avoid potential behavioral problems that come from carrying too much.
  9. Start small.
    Create attainable goals that you and your pet can stick to, and you won’t get discouraged.
  10. Have FUN!
    Choose activities that are enjoyable- for you and your best friend!

Always check with a veterinarian before making any changes to your pet’s diet or exercise routine.