All Microchips are free for Austin and Travis County Residents

The 4th of July brings a lot of fun activities- barbecues, travel, swimming. While we are planning how many different ways we can usher in America’s favorite holiday, it’s important to recognize this day is often no treat for pets.

Fireworks are terrifying for animals:

Dogs and cats have a strong ability to hear a wide range of noises, much better than humans in fact. Dogs can hear sounds between 40-60,000 hertz, cats between 45-64,000, while we only hear between 20-20,000.

In short, fireworks can be absolutely terrifying for pets. Some will handle loud noises better than others, but most dogs will find the “boom” of fireworks jarring- even if most sounds don’t bother them.

Create a safe place for your pet inside the home, where you can play soft gentle music to mask the startling barrage of fireworks they might hear. Grab their favorite toys and make a frozen kong treat to keep dogs occupied during the spectacle. Try sprinkling drops of lavender essential oils on your dog’s bedding, or use a calming pheromone product.

Do not leave your pets outside whether or not they are with people, especially if there are fireworks in the distance. Pets will do what they can to hide from the noise, and that means you could end up with a lost dog or cat at the end of the evening. It’s best to keep them inside and secure.

Be Careful of the BBQ: 

If you’re planning to attend any backyard barbecues with your dog in tow, be sure to keep her away from any flames or charcoal. It’s easy for dogs to follow good smells, and they could be injured in the process.

Don’t let guests (that goes for you, too) give your dog people food. While it may be tempting, it could lead to an upset stomach or even serious medical issues.

Keep a reasonable amount of treats handy for anyone who has the urge to feed your dog, especially if they like to beg (the dog, or your guests). This will help both parties feel like they are included in the fun.

Make Sure Your Pet is Microchipped & Wearing ID Tags

Keep a collar on your dog at all times during the day and evening. Prior to the celebration, make sure her tags are up to date and visible on her collar. If your pet is microchipped, confirm your contact information you registered is still current. Even if your cat lives indoors, she should be microchipped and wearing a break-away collar with tags as well.

If your pet needs a microchip or ID tag, you can walk into any Emancipet clinic, without an appointment and get both.  All microchips are free for Austin and Travis County residents with a $9 office fee.

Almost all animal shelters see a significant spike in intake around the 4th of July. Should your pet become lost, go to your local shelter, and do everything they suggest to help you reunite with your animal. Be sure to take a current photo of your pet, just in case you need it.

If your pets are accustomed to exercise, be sure to exercise them early in the morning on the 4th, so they can work out some energy. Create a safe, relaxing space inside of your home, well before the party officially starts.

Remember, the 4th of July should be a relaxing, fun-filled holiday, but your pets might not want to be included in all the festivities.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday!