Honoree Highlight: The ASPCA

The ASPCA began supporting Emancipet in 2007 as part of a community initiative to help Austin, Texas become a more humane community for pets.

My Hope for the Future: Amy Mills, President & CEO

My hope for the future is that Emancipet will continue to bring more love into the world by providing high quality veterinary care for those who would otherwise fall into the access to veterinary care gap. … My hope for the future is that we just keep going. We’ve achieved so much in our first 25 years, and I know this for sure: Emancipet is just getting started.

Honoree Highlight: PetSmart Charities

As part of our 25-year anniversary celebration, we will be honoring those who played pivotal roles in our journey. Our first honoree of the year is PetSmart Charities.