When we opened the new Austin Dental and Surgical Center, we knew that dental and surgical procedures are in high demand and very few low-cost options exist for these services, which creates extremely difficult situations for pet owners. Thankfully, this clinic is projected to treat over 7,000 pets each year — making a small dent in the greater need for services but a huge difference for pet owners like Dustin.

Dustin traveled to San Antonio, Texas to adopt a golden retriever puppy he later named Rodeo. Rodeo was continuously passed over due to being with a congenital defect — her front right leg had no limb below the elbow. Because of his love and compassion for animals, Dustin didn’t see Rodeo as different, but instead saw her as very special.

Rodeo was having difficulty with her remaining front leg, and it was often scabbed and bleeding. Wanting to do what’s best for Rodeo, Dustin was referred by a friend to Emancipet, where he knew we could treat Rodeo at an affordable price.

This led Dustin to our Austin Dental and Surgical Center, where Rodeo was scheduled to be the first surgery in the new clinic. Our expert veterinarians decided that an amputation of the remaining limb would allow Rodeo to feel her best. So, on the first day of operations at the Austin Dental and Surgical Center, Dr. Clapham successfully completed Rodeo’s amputation.

At just five months old, Rodeo was already an expert tripod puppy — hopping around with ease. When she returned to Emancipet for our veterinary team to remove the staples post-surgery, she greeted the team with jumps and tail wags. 

Because of animal lovers like you and Dustin, pets like Rodeo can continue to live healthy lives with the families that love them. Your support makes procedures like these accessible for all pet parents.

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