Sheri has been rescuing animals as long as she can remember. Seven years ago, she rescued a pair of dogs she found wandering the streets. “Lucky hopped right in my car. Star was more cautious, but wasn’t sticking behind without her best friend, so she hopped in after.” The two dogs remain inseparable.

Unfortunately, Hurricane Harvey wasn’t Sheri’s first Hurricane experience. She was gravely injured during Hurricane Ike and has been years battling residual health issues. And now, between limited damage to her home during Harvey and recent surgeries, finances have been especially tight. She learned about the free services Emancipet is offering through neighbors on the Next Door app.

“I couldn’t believe everything Lucky and Star need would be covered for free. Keeping them healthy is my priority, but it’s been so hard lately!”

Sheri’s recovering from her latest surgery and has some job prospects that are promising. Between that and learning there are resources to keep her beloved dogs healthy, she says,

“Things are looking up!”