Unprecedented Times

For almost everyone alive, the time we’re living in is truly unique to this moment in history. 24/7 news. “Notifications” populating our screens one after another. Political polarization unlike any time since perhaps the Civil War. And a pandemic like only a tiny number of people alive have experienced. It’s enough to make just about anyone long for the ordinary, the boring, the predictable. 

Amidst all of this chaos, there are – believe it or not – a few things that have remained constant. The American hallmarks of innovation and ingenuity are alive and well; millions of people and businesses have adapted to meet the challenges of the day. 

Here at Emancipet we’ve certainly embraced the concept of “pivoting” in order to keep serving those in need. Though the ways we deliver low-cost veterinary care – vaccines, wellness care, and spay and neuter surgeries – has changed (can you say curbside?), two important things haven’t – the quality of the care we provide, and the dedication of the pet owners seeking that care. 

Pet lovers are a special type – most will sacrifice their own needs to care for the pets they adore. We know of what we speak, we meet nearly 1,000 of these compassionate souls in our clinics every day. They treat their pets like family and serve and care for them with tremendous love. Even still, there’s a special group within that population of people – our clients who are active and retired members of the U.S. military and their families. 

When it comes to sacrifice, no individuals or families know the meaning of that reality better than military families. After all, they’ve chosen service as a profession. 

Sergeant Gibson & Buffy

Retired Army Staff Sergeant Jason Gibson is one of those people, serving 8 years as a Marine and 12 years in the Army. He’s also an Emancipet client and a big dog lover (emphasis on big).

Sergeant Gibson has four Mastiffs (yes – four!) Clocking in at a combined. . .well. . . A LOT of pounds! His affection for large breeds comes from growing up in a family that loved their big dogs – even if they didn’t always have the money to access private practice veterinary care. 

Sergeant Gibson uses our Killeen clinic not just because it’s close-by and affordable, but because he knows that every dollar he spends caring for his dogs helps other pet owners access care for their pets. 

He said he sees young soldiers from nearby Fort Hood every time he visits our clinic – and wishes more knew that high-quality affordable veterinary care is so close to the base. Sergeant Gibson, it seems, is a great example of someone who, once committed to service, remains committed to service.

With an Army base just a few miles from our Killeen clinic, we’re lucky to care for the pets of active-duty and retired members of the military nearly every day. We do our best to honor and serve them. 

Thank You!

On this Veterans Day, we wanted to take the opportunity to call them out specially – and to recognize and thank Sergeant Gibson. For his service as a Marine and Army Sergeant, for being a client, and for his continued service helping to keep veterinary care affordable and accessible to everyone. 

To all veterans – and our client veterans especially – thank you for your service!