In 1999, Emancipet Nonprofit Vet Clinics began as a mobile spay and neuter clinic in Austin, TX. We knew that veterinary care was out of reach for so many families. So we set out on a mission to make veterinary care affordable and accessible for everyone. 

Now we manage an expanding national network of 10 high-quality, low-cost clinics and each day our clinics see hundreds of pets and their people. In addition to spaying and neutering, we offer the most affordable preventative services to all including vaccines, flea and tick treatment, heartworm testing and treatment and more. But spay and neuter has always been our roots.

Today in 2022, we performed our 500,000th spay/neuter surgery. 

Havana Coco, a 1.5 year old pug from Texas, is marking this milestone for Emancipet!

Watch Melissa’s reaction to being told her pet is Emancipet’s 500,000th spay!

Melissa met Havana Coco after a lifelong obsession with pugs. “I was just instantly drawn to her and we had an instant bond,” Melissa said.

When Melissa brought Havana Coco home, she knew just where to take her very first pet. 

“My friend is a dog trainer and she recommended Emancipet,” said Melissa. “I was drawn to Emancipet because [spaying and neutering] is what you’re known for doing. You’re specialists and I wanted her to be in good hands.”

Emancipet Nonprofit Vet Clinics - Havana Coco and Melissa

Though Melissa was nervous at first to take Havana Coco to get spayed, she knew the benefits of one simple surgery. Havana Coco is now protected from any reproductive cancers or unwanted litters and Melissa has the peace of mind knowing that Havana Coco is more likely to live a long, happy, and healthy life.

“She’s my life. She’s my world. She’s my child,” Melissa said.

At Emancipet, we know pets are family. Today marks the 500,000th time we’ve helped keep people and their pets together. And it’s all thanks to you.

Without the clients that come through our doors, the supporters who keep our costs low, or the veterinary professionals who care for our pets, this wouldn’t have been possible.

So thank you X 500,000.

A gift of $38 supports the cost of one spay or neuter surgery. You can ensure all pets remain healthy and with the people who love them by making a gift to Emancipet today.