Samantha fell in love with Peaches the first time she saw her: a sweet, snuggly little kitten. A few weeks ago, Samantha noticed Peaches was uncomfortable and not feeling well. She brought her to a local veterinarian and got a devastating diagnosis – an advanced case of pyometra, a serious, life-threatening infection that can only be treated with emergency surgery. What was even more devastating was that Samantha simply did not have the thousands of dollars quoted for the procedure. 

She started calling every vet office in the area, and the lowest price quote she could find was $2,000 – far out of her reach. With each call, she fought back tears and a growing feeling of dread and panic, until one of the offices she called said “we can’t help you, but Emancipet probably can.” 

Our medical team performed the emergency surgery the very next day, as they have hundreds of times before. Peaches is now home, recovering, resting, and being loved – exactly where she should be. Samantha’s final bill for the surgery and all the necessary medication at Emancipet was $175. 

“Emancipet saved my baby. I’ll forever be grateful for that.”

Every year, hundreds of thousands of pet owners seek Emancipet out for veterinary care they can afford. They trust our doctors to care for their pets. And generous people like you donate to make this all possible, giving from your heart to make sure every family can have a happy ending like Samantha and Peaches. 

Right now, through the end of December, when you donate to Emancipet, it will help twice as many families like Samantha and Peaches because your gift will be matched! A generous donor has offered to match all donations made for the rest of 2022 – dollar for dollar – up to $30,000! This is your chance to DOUBLE YOUR KINDNESS and IMPACT to help more families get the medical care their pets need. 

Because of you, pet families like Samantha and Peaches will enjoy a longer, happier, and healthier life together and now your generosity will go twice as far! 

Thank you for your continued generosity. We’re truly grateful for the trust you place in all of us. 

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