At Emancipet, we know a positive heartworm diagnosis is difficult for families and their pets. But with our low-cost, effective treatment, we’re here for you. In partnership with Austin Animal Center, we treat heartworm on many adoptable dogs including Stella.

Stella is an 8 year old girl who came to AAC heartworm positive. Heartworm treatment includes lots of rest for the patient, so Stella desperately needed to leave the shelter to properly de-stress and battle heartworm. After a long search to find her a temporary or forever home, Stella went home with long-time volunteer, Kelsy.

“She is sweet, gentle, the best snuggler and my husband and I just wanted to help her get better. We didn’t want her to miss the opportunity to heal and wanted to provide her with a place to recover so that she can get well and find her forever family. She is so affectionate and we can’t wait to see her fully recovered!”

Kelsy, Stella’s adopter

After three months of heartworm treatment through Emancipet, Stella is now heartworm negative! And, for the happy ending Stella deserves, Kelsy and her family decided to make Stella part of the pack permanently by adopting her.

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With your support, we can keep offering discounted and free heartworm treatment to pets like Stella.