Sean and Oshean brought in their 16-month-old miniature Doberman/Chihuahua mix to be spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated. The pair Roxy when she was just four months old.  She has become the center of their world. As Oshean says, “She even made friends with our two cats right away.”

“She’s such a good dog,” Sean says. “She sleeps under the covers with us and never barks.

Roxy is obsessed with Oshean- staring quietly at the door waiting for her return when she goes to work. She’s the most loyal dog I’ve ever known.” The couple explained how important it is to keep their pets healthy, but that the cost can really add up. Getting everything Roxy needs for free would take a lot of pressure off them financially.

Sean and Oshean were clearly more nervous about Roxy’s surgery than Roxy was… As Sean handed her to a tech, he quietly explained how she likes to be held before he and Oshean took turns kissing Roxy on the cheek and telling her how much they love her. Roxy, for her part, looked perfectly content in her stylish leopard print harness and wagged her tail happily.