Building a shelter for community cats can help ensure that they stay safe, warm and dry throughout the year!

Quality Plastic Storage Bin (Rubbermaid or similar) that holds around 68 liters.
Styrofoam Cooler
Exacto Knife
4×6 wood planks

1. Mark and cut out a circular opening on the outside of the bin. This should be small- about 5 1/2 – 6 in. in diameter, and high enough so that rainwater won’t run in. If you think you will need an escape opening, cut another hole, but on a wall that isn’t opposite the entrance.
2. Place the cooler inside of the bin- it should be a snug fit. Cut out another circle in the cooler, the same size and location of the entrance, and the escape opening, if present.
3. Add straw for insulation. Do not use hay or blankets- they will absorb both moisture and body heat.
4. Place your lid on top of the bin- you’ve just made a cat shelter!
5. Choose an area where other animals aren’t likely to approach. Make sure the entrance is facing a wall, and that a cat can squeeze in.
4. Use wood planks, or other materials to elevate your shelter. This will help it retain heat.