When new pup parents Krista and John first met Orion, a 6-year-old Australian Shepherd, they immediately fell in love. He was a sweet dog with a tan coat and cute white patch on his head. Having been assured by the previous owners that Orion was in good health, they brought him home excited to grow their new family.

However, their excitement quickly turned into worry. This seemingly happy pup had a ragged and never-ending cough. Krista and John tried to get him to play, they tried to get him to eat more, but he laid in a corner of the room panting.

They quickly packed up Orion and took him to an emergency vet clinic. Krista and John’s worst fears were soon realized when they were told Orion had heartworm. Understanding the seriousness of heartworm, but not knowing much about it, they asked questions and soon understood that if left untreated, it was going to be fatal.

The young couple were scared for their new little buddy, but eager to start treatment and save Orion’s life. However, when they were handed a bill for over $2,500, an amount equal to two months of rent, Krista says they were shocked and crushed.

They couldn’t give up on Orion. He had no one else. Krista and John knew that Orion had no future without them. They also couldn’t afford the treatment, so they needed to find another solution and fast. That’s when they found Emancipet.

When they brought Orion into an Emancipet clinic the following day, Dr. Halliday assured Krista and John that Orion’s case was treatable. When they were given an easy to understand treatment plan and a payment that they could afford, their joy was overwhelming.

We were literally crying because the clinic staff was just so, so nice. And we were so scared,” says Krista.

Orion, Krista, and John

Krista and John went from being excited new pup parents to unexpectedly facing unthinkable decisions. Emancipet was there with a different answer – one that was lifesaving AND affordable. 

However, none of this is possible without the support from our generous donors.

We can’t save pups like Orion and thousands more dogs and cats without your help.

“We were just so thankful. It was the best experience ever, we really love Emancipet,” says Krista.

Orion is now heartworm free thanks to the support of our donors. He’s playful and active, his eyes are bright and his coat is fluffy and wild just like it should be!

But there are over 50 million pets in the U.S. without access to high-quality, affordable pet care. Emancipet is on a mission to open a clinic in every state so more pets can receive the lifesaving care they deserve. This can’t be accomplished without support from donors like you.

Please donate today to help pet families get affordable vet care when they need it most.

With programs like our low-cost heartworm testing, preventatives, and treatment, we’re keeping pet families together, happy, and healthy especially when the unexpected happens. Thank you for your support. It means the world to us and to the people and pets we serve.

If you’d like to learn more about heartworm and warning signs your pet might be infected, this helpful article can offer guidance.