Protect Your Pets From These Poisonous Plants

Emancipet Low Cost Vet Clinics - Protect Your Pet From These Poisonous Plants

Plants and flowers are a wonderful addition to many homes and gardens! However, they are sometimes a danger to our beloved dogs and cats. The list is long and you’d be surprised by which plants could potentially send your furry friend to the emergency vet. In this article, we’ll cover the majority of the most […]

Canine Summer Safety: How To Beat The Heat With Your Dog

Emancipet Low Cost Vet Clinics - Canine Summer Safety

Summer is the season for road trips, barbeques and of course, FUN! Involving our dogs is part of the festivities and bringing them along for the ride is something that most of us look forward to, but what about the potential risks that come with the rising temperatures and hot pavement? If you’re wanting to […]

How To Feed Your Growing Puppy

Puppies are adorable, fun and full of spunk! That also means that they are burning a lot of energy, so they need a balanced and nutritious diet to help them keep up with their puppy antics. This leads many owners to questions regarding their young companion and how to feed them. Your puppy is important […]

How to Read a Pet Food Label

When out shopping for the perfect food for your pet, you may find yourself going cross-eyed at the terms and ingredients on the labels. Not to mention the variations in pet food, such as a food that is wet, dry, semi-moist or age specific. Really, the truth is in the wording and deciphering the good […]

When Should My Dog Get a Dental Cleaning? What Happens?

Blog Header - Dental Cleaning 101

Almost all dog owners have had our vets tell us that our dogs could benefit from a dental cleaning. Often neglected, dental cleaning is an important part of a dog’s health that should not be overlooked. As a basic rule of thumb, your furry friend(s) should get their teeth cleaned by a licensed veterinary dentist […]